Buying Earbuds

What Features Should You Be Looking For When Buying Earbuds?

When you’re buying a brand-new phone, it’s almost customary to receive complementary earbuds alongside your purchase. I mean, you won’t get anything with a Google or an Apple device – they’re ‘premium’ after all. But you’re almost certain to acquire at least one pair of earbuds after buying a mid-range or lower-range device.

However, there’s a problem with that.                 

Most of these devices are usually of low quality and don’t last long.

So, what if you have to buy something new? How would you know which option is going to be perfect for your device? Let’s find out more about it.

Buying Earbuds

Choosing an Earbud – Where Do You Begin?

Purchasing an electronic product can get a little… uh, technical. You must dive into the depth of information and find out if the pair is going to be a bang for the buck or not.

But which information or data should you prioritize here?

Well, the first thing you should focus on is…

1: The List of Specifications

Yes, the look and feel of a pair of earbuds are certainly important, especially if you’re more of an “aesthetics” aficionado. However, these are the last things that you need to check if you want to buy a long-lasting product. Instead, you should keep an eye on the following –

●      Impedance (the higher the impedance is, the lower the current flow will be)

●      Frequency response (if you don’t like too much bass, look for an item with a rather lower bass frequency)

●      Sensitivity (refers to the loudness of the earbuds)

Besides these, be sure to check out the size of the driver too. As a rule of thumb, the larger it is, the better the sound produced will be.

2: Specialization and Type

Earbuds can come in different sizes, shapes, and specializations altogether. The following are a few that you should look for in this aspect –

●      Noise cancellation (can block noise that’s coming from the outside)

●      Sound isolation (although not as potent as noise cancellation, it can block the sound of your surroundings to some extent)

●      Sweat or water resistance (usually, you should look for an IP68 rating in this case)

If convenience is the keyword for you, opt for a Bluetooth-enabled earbud. It doesn’t require any kind of wiring, which, in turn, can make it easier for you to use it while running.

Oh, and if you are something of a gamer, you should look for earbuds with microphone. It’ll ensure that you’re communicating with your teammates without any restrictions.

3: Shape and Fit

Not all earbuds are going to fit your ears, and it’s not your fault. Factors like the design of an earbud or the shape of the product can affect such a decision.

For the best possible experience, we would recommend buying something that nestles gently in your earhole. Also, check if it has a rubber-made tip or not.

However, if you have a decent amount of budget working for you, you might purchase afoam-based tip as wellIt’ll contour your ear shape and offer the best sound quality possible.

What about the Price, Though?

The price of a pair of earbuds will depend on more than one aspect, including –

●      The brand you are considering buying (for instance, a Bose product will be a lot more expensive than a JBL-manufactured option)

●      The features and specializations it comes with (a product with noise cancellation will be priced higher than a sound isolation-based one)

●      The design of the product (if it has a foam-made tip, it will be pretty expensive)

Honestly, no matter how careful and bargain-focused you are, you have to spend a hefty sum of money while buying well-designed and feature-rich earbuds.

Also, as you are going wireless, the price might increase even more because of that.

So, it’s best to do your research on what you want and compare the prices accordingly. Take someone else’s help if you can. A pair of earbuds isn’t something that you’ll have the leverage to purchase again and again. So, be careful and strategic about it.

Good luck!

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