Scary Mistakes on a Landing Website

Top 5 Scary Mistakes on a Landing Website

Just a month ago your landing page brought a sea of orders, and now the phones are silent, the CRM is empty and the email has grown mossy? Who is to blame and what to do? Check your website for typical mistakes that drive customers away. These mistakes are as Baccarat online rules and as familiar to everyone. But they are no less relevant and widespread. Lets break down the major mistakes that are killing your landing page.

Technical Failures

The main and most frustrating reason for the loss of orders is a technical error. When performing a targeted action, the system fails, which prevents a conversion from taking place: complete an order, sign up for a course, leave your phone number for contact, etc. Periodically check the performance of your site. Visit it as a guest and make sure everything is working correctly. Remember to do this regularly - after all, something that worked yesterday might very well be broken today. Set up a schedule for these checks, include reminders, and make a checklist of key site features that require regular monitoring.

Scary Mistakes on a Landing Website


A good landing page reveals its essence from the first seconds. Clear headlines, text and images are a must. Imagine that in front of you a landing with the slogan: Our company will improve your life. Under this slogan fits just about anything. And in marketing, everything means nothing. What exactly do you offer to improve? Buy you a cake, sell you a hemorrhoid pill, win a lawsuit, or automate the production of milling machines? Customers wont solve riddles. Be specific with your content and choose images that make sense.


A one-page site should serve one single function: linking the product to the action. The user comes to the site, sees the product / service and wants to order it, make an appointment, leave a request, etc. The task of the owner of the landing page - to help the customer to perform this action, get rid of all the obstacles on the way to him. Place a call to action next to the product, discount and arguments to motivate action. Highlight your call to action buttons visually: in contrasting colors, in large print.


If you use clichéd phrases: a young growing company, the mission of our company - improving the world, quality service at low prices, then you can look no further, here it is, the reason for the lack of customers. Clericalisms and clichés - the problem of novice landings, due to the inexperience of the creators. It is better to deliver the value of your product in simple and clear language, without the use of tired advertising slogans.

Scoring on Mobility

Half of your traffic comes from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). Make sure your site is adapted for these devices and everything displays correctly there. Otherwise, youre losing a huge part of your potential audience.

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