The best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

The Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

The best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Converters are used to download videos in different formats fastly and easily. However, for more advanced features there are a variety of paid mp3 converters.

All social media platforms worked with the connectivity of wifi. People can download different videos and save them on their devices with the help of these converters. So, you can watch it even when your device is not connected to it.

Let’s discuss free youtube to mp3 converters.

10 best youtube to mp3 converters

1- Y2mate

Y2mate is the best converter that converts the whole playlist from the channel and can convert in a variety of formats. This converter works for different websites. It downloads with the fastest speed.

2- By clicking downloader

It doesn’t require any login process and can download with just one click. It can extract audio from the video and convert it into the preferred format without any error and in good quality. 

3- VidJuice

It allows you to download with subtitles and can even extract the audio with lyrics. It also gives you the option to crop or cut the video or audio accordingly. This converter can download the fastest in different formats.

The best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

4- 4k video downloader

Just copy and paste the URL you are able to download the selected file with just a click. It saves your video in HD quality and extracted audio in the same quality as on the platform. This converter can save the video directly into the gallery.

5- Viddly

The users can save the playlist of their choice in the converter by just following the easy procedure. It gives you services online with a wide variety. You can search for the required music or video on this website too. The subtitle facility in different languages is available on this converter.

6- Snapdownloader

It gives you access to 900 different websites and can download it so a user can use it while offline. You can download in different extensions and can schedule your downloading sessions. The saving procedure for the video is very simple and easy without any long details and discussions.

7- YTD video downloader

This downloader world for all types of the operating system either its ios, android or windows. It can be downloaded directly from youtube and other social media platforms with good quality. A user can download a bulk of videos at a time from this downloader.

8- AllMyTube

This converter works error-free and gives you accurate and hassle-free services. It can download fastly within seconds and in good quality as on the original platform. 

9- VideoProc

It compresses the video without disturbing any video or audio quality and resolution. The converter is useful for both types of PCs having windows or Mac. it supports more than 1000 websites from where you can convert the content into the desired format for offline use.

10- Youtube to mp3 converter

As the name depicts it converts online videos into mp3 or mp4 format also by extracting video from youtube. You can also adjust other features of the video on this downloader like background feature, font, etc. it can download long videos within minutes on your device.


These above-mentioned converters help you out to solve your problem related to watching videos while offline. No need to struggle anymore, because these free converters have made life easy and comfortable.

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