Tech Trends For Travel Rentals

Tech Trends For Travel Rentals

Disruptive technology has taken over the world. Examples are all around you as every sector has undergone a massive digital evolution, from healthcare to education. This has led to applications and gadgets, making life convenient and easier. On an individual level, whether you want to go grocery shopping, set a virtual reminder or switch off the light with your phone, there is an application facilitating all these tasks.

But broadly speaking, industries like travel have also readily adjusted to digital transformation. Technology has made traveling accessible, which includes reducing the time it takes to plan a trip, book tickets, and consult travel agencies. Likewise, as hotel, motels, and air BnB owners, the same digitization has made accepting consumers, managing your property, and pricing your facilities fair and straightforward.

Running a travel rental is a tedious task. You’re working with numerous guests at a time and must ensure each customer is enjoying themself thoroughly. So when it comes to maintaining a travel rental, here are some valuable tech trends you should consider exploring:

1.       Better property care tools

Your guests expect cleanliness, safety, and hygiene standards when booking with you. This includes a clean and sparkling room and facilities that are fully functional. No client wants to walk in on a busted air conditioner or old bed covers, so you must stay on top of housekeeping and repair work.

The size of your rental property doesn’t matter. Having more than two rooms to manage can get extremely hectic. Therefore, using a mobile housekeeping app ensures each room gets the best treatment. Cleaning rental rooms require certain levels of skills. So the application connects with professionals who have worked on a large scale and know how to sharpen property. Not only do you get to maintain quality, but hiring a team of workers to help you set a benchmark is one tap away on your phone.

2.       Different ways to check-in

As a smart travel rental, it’s always best to have multiple check-in facilities. Customers like flexibility. It encourages them to invest in your facilities if you’re willing to meet them halfway. So instead of waiting for every client to come to your vacation rental for a room, provide them with ways they can book with you. You can look into creating a complete application for your business only. This can offer a quick mobile check-in followed by a digital keycard that appears on the screen.

An alternate option includes having check-in kiosks that provide a contactless experience without the need to see a representative. You can also allow telephone bookings by conversing with your guests or offer to rent out online. The only details you need to worry about include the prices, facilities available, information about placing a booking and ground rules of using the rental. Once you have this information covered, followed by ways to check in, there is no doubt you’ll get a steady number of guests.

3.       Enable voice assistance

Smart assistants like Alexa and Siri have become a part of the daily grind. Your consumers may depend on using their voice to search instead of typing out what they need. You can activate this feature by embedding an automatic speech recognition software on your website or allowing the microphone to connect to phones. This also impacts your technical SEO since voice search exposes you to a broader audience and more consumers. Your guests can easily book through their smart assistants or look up information on your faculties through a series of verbal questions, which can convince them to rent a room from you.

4.       Automatic guest screening

As a travel rental business manager, you may get all kinds of consumers, some of which may disturb your operations. Property damages can get expensive. The cost of repairs can be over thousands of dollars which is a massive blow to your budget. If you’re a travel rental operating in a shared space, the same consumers can bother your neighbors, which may lead to complaints that affect your rating. The bottom line is every guest that walks on your threshold should be an ideal fit for your lodging.

Turning to digital guest screening allows you to run quick background checks on prospective consumers. This technology uses algorithms and predictive analysis, which searches across numerous databases scanning for criminal behavior and incidents of a misdemeanor. If the potential guest has a history of vandalism, the server can block them for you and move on to the next client.

5.       Install smart property devices and use the IoT

The Internet of Things offers you a collaborative network that connects all your devices to the cloud removing the need to monitor them individually. This is where the concept of smart locks and control panels comes into play. Managing your property also involves having smart locks in every room. This removes the need for a physical key and allows you to monitor your guests online through control access.

Similarly, your guests may need thermostats in their rooms to maintain the temperature of their area. But installing a smart thermostat removes the need to manipulate the device and allows the sensors to adjust the HVAC system accordingly. Other examples include using noise control so that the sounds in the rental stay steady, and anytime a guest goes above the allowed level, you get informed.

Smart devices help you maintain the vacationproperty without the need for excessive supervision. You can remotely keep an eye on your customers and approach them accordingly. If your guests are in a fire, witnessed a break-in and robbery, or have a gas leak, a smart alarm system can inform the relevant authority and keep them safe.


Technology is an asset. Time and time again, it has proven its worth by offering tools that change how you do your everyday tasks. Even as you work, digitization has you covered by providing facilities that make your job easier. As a travel rental business owner, you want your enterprise to flourish and keep up with the seasonal influx of guests. Therefore, leveraging the correct technology can take your travel rental business to new heights. Resources like housekeeping ensure your accommodations stay fresh and ready to use whenever necessary.

On the other hand, automatic check-in and voice search ensures that your guests can find you with minimal hassle. However, you also need to stay safe, and by running digital background checks, you can get the information you need on your clients in seconds. Finally, IoT can give you one-stop access to all the locks and security systems, ensuring an excellent consumer experience.

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