Solving PDF Problems Happily With PDFBear

When we talk about problems, the common emotion connected to them is sadness. But there is a web-based tool that solves almost all of your PDF problems in just a few clicks. Yes, you read it correctly; turn your sadness into happiness with PDFBear. We listed several of what PDFBear can offer down below. So feel free to read and experience PDFBear’s more than 20 features!

An Online Website That Can Perform Doc to PDF Conversion

PDF files are very common in today’s generation, and these files can easily be stolen and damaged. That is why we need special tools for specific problems with PDFs. PDFBear has more than 20 features that you can use in order to solve all your PDF problems. In short, PDFBear is a one-stop online platform for all your needs.

The web-based application’s Doc to PDF tool automatically converts Microsoft Word files to high-quality PDF files in just a minute or two! Additionally, PDFBear assures that your file’s quality will not be damaged when converting. And your data will not be recycled or stored because PDFBear will instantly delete all of your data just an hour after you used their features and services.

If you are a lazy person, PDFBear is the best web-based application for you. Because each and every feature it offers has easy steps which anyone can easily follow, convert your Word documents to PDF files with these four(4) easy steps down below!

  1. Select the Word document you want to convert, then upload it to the platform’s system.
  2. The system’s converter tool will then scan your Word document.
  3. The process will take a minute or two. Wait patiently for it to be finished.
  4. After it is processed, your newly converted file will be ready for download immediately.

Repair Damaged And Corrupted PDF Files Online

This Repair PDF feature of PDFBear is one of the often-used solutions in today’s generation. In addition, if your PDF file is broken or distorted, PDFBear’s PDF File Repair Kit will make an effort to restore it to a usable state for you to enjoy and serve the purpose of your PDF file. After an hour, all of your compromised PDF files submitted to the PDFBear’s system will be erased. Thus, they ensure your safety and privacy with your files or documents.

In addition, you will be able to download your documents for a temporary duration after they attempt to fix your distorted PDF files, except if you opt to save them to your profile. PDFBear made repairing easy for you to access. You may be able to use PDFBear’s features and services as long as your device has a web browser and you have a stable internet connection. PDFBear is compatible with any device and any operating system.

If you think repairing PDF files is a hard thing to do, then you are wrong. PDFBear’s PDF repair feature is very easy to do. The advantage of repairing your PDFs using PDFBear is that it will not need you to spend an ample amount of money, and it will not delay your time. Follow these four(4) steps in order for you to repair your PDF files completely.

  1. Pick the corrupted file that you want to repair.
  2. The PDFbear tool will automatically analyze and upload it to their system.
  3. There are corrupted PDF files that cannot be repaired. Rest assured that PDFBear will not make it worse.
  4. Kindly click the “Repair” icon and wait for the process to be finished.

Files are Kept Confidential

In today’s generation, people with bad intentions will do all they can in order to do something bad to other people. Particularly, stealing confidential data is a massive issue in this digitalized world. Every day thousands of data are being shared, and thousands of data are being stolen by unknown individuals or organizations. Therefore, in order for you to safeguard your data, you should put passwords to it to avoid people from stealing it.

PDFBear’s PDF Protection feature allows the users to set passcodes for their PDF files using cutting-edge technology. In addition, by submitting your documents in any type, including Powerpoint, HTML, and others, the platform will instantly alter it to PDF and add the password to it. Moreover, several individuals lack the necessary skills to create passwords, but the platform’s cloud conversion tool has made it basic to begin safeguarding your PDF files.

Wherever and wherever you are, you can easily access all of the features and services PDFBear offers as long as you have a device that can connect you to an internet provider. If you are ready to set a password into your files and documents, follow the procedures down below!

  1. Simply click the “Select Files” icon, then upload the file that you want to their system.
  2. Type your desired password.
  3. There is an “Encrypt PDF” icon there; please click it.
  4. You may now download and enjoy your encrypted file.


PDF problems are not a problem for anyone anymore. Thanks to PDFBear’s features and services, it can truly help those who are in need. With extremely over 20 tools to utilize. Start using PDFBear now!

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