Larry Bird Net Worth

Larry Bird Net Worth 2022: Forbes Early Life career

Larry Bird Net Worth 2022 is a retired NBA player who was born on December 7, 1956, in West Baden Springs, Indiana. He played basketball for the Boston Celtics from 1979 to 1992. He was a 12-time All-Star and won three NBA championships. Bird was named the NBA Finals MVP three times. He was also named the regular season MVP three times. After he retired from playing basketball, Larry Bird Net Worth became a coach and executive for the Indiana Pacers. In 2003, he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. As of 2021, Larry Birds net worth is $75 million.

Larry Bird Net Worth

Larry Bird Net Worth Early life and college:

Larry Bird Net Worth age was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, on December 7, 1956. He was the fourth child of Georgia and Claude Joseph Joe Bird. His mother worked in a factory and his father was a veteran of the United States Navy. Larrys older sister Linda died of pneumonia at age four when Larry was just two years old.

Larrys family was poor and they lived in a small rent house. His father drank heavily and was often unemployed. Despite their hardships, Larrys parents encouraged their children to work hard and stay out of trouble. When he was ten years old, Larry began working odd jobs to help support his family.

In 1974, Larry Bird Net Worth graduated from Springs Valley High School in French Lick, Indiana. He received a scholarship to play basketball at Indiana State University.

Larry Bird Net Worth Professional career:

After being drafted by the Boston Celtics in 1978, Larry Bird Net Worth height enjoyed a successful professional career that spanned more than two decades. He was a three-time NBA champion, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and a nine-time NBA All-Star. Larry Bird Net Worth was also named the NBAs Most Valuable Player three times and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998.

Although he retired from playing in 1992, Bird has remained involved in the game as a coach and executive. He served as head coach of the Indiana Pacers from 1997 to 2000 and led the team to the NBA Finals in 2000. Bird then became President of Basketball Operations for the Pacers, a position he still holds today. Under his leadership, the Pacers have been one of the most successful teams in the NBA, making the playoffs 15 times and winning five division titles.

Larry Bird Net Worth

Larry Bird Net Worth Post-playing career:

Larry Bird has had an illustrious career, both on and off the court.

After retiring from playing in 1992, Larry Bird Net Worth forbes became head coach of the Indiana Pacers, a position he held for three seasons. He then took on the role of president of basketball operations for the Pacers, a role he held for over a decade. In that time, he helped turn the Pacers into one of the most successful franchises in the NBA.

In recent years, Bird has taken on more of an advisory role with the Pacers. He is still deeply involved with the team and its success, and his impact can be seen in the way they play and operate.

Larry Bird Net Worth is a true legend of the game, and his influence will be felt for many years to come.

Larry Bird’s net worth is estimated to be $75 million

Larry Bird Net Worth retired professional basketball player who has an estimated net worth of $75 million as of 2021. He played his entire professional career with the Boston Celtics, winning three NBA championships and two NBA Finals MVP awards. After his playing career, he served as the head coach of the Indiana Pacers and the president of basketball operations for the Pacers. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998.


Larry Birds net worth wife is an estimated $75 million. The majority of his wealth comes from his years playing professional basketball, but he has also earned money through endorsements and investments.

Bird has been smart with his money and has made wise investments over the years. He owns a number of properties, including a mansion in Indian Hills, Kentucky that is valued at over $7 million. He also has a minority stake in the Boston Celtics, which is currently worth around $360 million.

Overall Larry Bird Net Worth is doing very well financially. He has built up a substantial net worth through his years of hard work and dedication to basketball. Even though he is now retired from playing, he will continue to earn money from his various business ventures and investments.

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