Technological Refresh

Is It Time For A Technological Refresh In The Self-Storage Industry?

Since the pandemic, the self-storage industries have experienced unprecedented demand, whether due to work-from-home regulations or increased relocation of citizens across the U.S. The industry is expanding at a rate never seen before. And thriving industrial sectors are the breeding ground for competition.

How can you stand out from the crowd?

People need a storage facility for all kinds of reasons, whether they need it to keep a valuable collection of artwork or to free up room at home by relocating some sundries. As a storage company, your goal should be to reach out to your customers on a personal level and relate to them through your solutions. So, what can you do to increase your exposure and differentiate yourself from all the other storage facilities?

Give your industry a technological refresh

For starters, your services should speak for themselves. The world we live in is constantly evolving through technology – the same should go for your business. Integrating technology in your self-storage units can be a game-changer for your business.

Strengthen your idea with marketing techniques

Many industries overlook the marketing aspect of their business in favor of their day-to-day operations and investments. However, marketing is vital to the success of any business in any sector as it’s an integral component of customer acquisition. So the best thing you can do is invest in a self storage marketing strategy. One way to go about this is finding the right marketing agency that can accommodate the requirements of your business

What technology can you use for business success?

Embracing technology can help you run your business operations more effectively and efficiently, saving time and money. Especially with the pandemic, many businesses have turned their focus to technology.

Technology offers endless possibilities for growth in the self-storage industry.  With the advancement of self-storage technologies, more alternatives for managing client relationships are becoming available. Furthermore, high-tech equipment and purpose-built software systems help your staff work efficiently, create options for online leasing, and redefine functionality and security in your business operations.

Today we discuss six technologies you need to integrate within your business to drive business success. Continue reading to learn more.

Remote Surveillance

Many facilities have introduced a remote surveillance functionality that allows customers to monitor their leased units from their cellphone screens. Businesses need to ensure the efficiency of company operations and consistently update customer data no matter when the client wants to access it. There are a lot of access-control tools and software applications available on the market that you use to integrate remote surveillance on your storage units.

These applications also make it possible for you to discover and repair bugs and errors as soon as they occur. Hence, you get the time to contact and dispatch professionals to troubleshoot the problem in real-time. Managers can focus more resources on ensuring and reviewing correct systems operations when they have a less workload. A lack of facility automation can also translate to longer repairs and downtimes.

The Cloud technology

Cloud storage technology is a game-changing breakthrough as you can remotely manage your storage units via the cloud. It allows your clients to access their data securely and efficiently anytime they want. Additionally, it cuts down on maintenance costs as the need to troubleshoot a database crash rarely occurs. Database failures are relatively infrequent because of all cloud services’ pre-installed cloud repair technology.

Many storage facilities currently rely on “on-premises” systems with specialized hardware and regular maintenance. Nevertheless, cloud-based systems have been slowly but steadily replacing on-premises systems, mainly because of the unique advantages of the cloud, such as frequent system updates, easy access to all crucial analytics in one place, and no maintenance costs.

High-tech security locks

 Now you can ensure the security of your storage premise via high-tech security locks based on biometric and Bluetooth technology. First, let’s talk about the Bluetooth lock, which works on Bluetooth proximity technology and can be easily implemented in any storage facility without high costs. They come in handy even in the absence of mobile networks. The Bluetooth locks only grant access when they sense the device and specific RFID signals, so it unlocks with the device nearby and locks itself when the device is farther away.

Secondly, you can also opt forbiometric locks, which offer a computer-controlled security mechanism for storage facilities. The system can store more than a thousand user profiles, and locks/unlocks every time it detects a match. It can be reused and implemented in any existing storage facility.

Online leasing

Using self-storage technology, you can improve customer service and experience.  Having on-site and online lease-ups available around the clock every day of the week reduces the need for employee time. Depending on the research hours, storage unit leasing can take a month or as little as a day. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for the customer to finalize a self-storage facility; most of the process can be performed online. Ensure that all aspects of the client experience, from leases to contracts to applications to payment processing, should be available online. The inventory data stream offered by your operating system might be a valuable tool in this regard.

Digital Integration

A self-storage facility must consider security measures, accounting software, and access control systems. As a result, it should be no surprise that an increasing number of storage businesses want to interconnect their moving elements.

Implementing technological middleware can enable storage facilities to access, utilize, and visualize their data efficiently and remotely control storage units. You can then grant access to customers only after their previous dues have been paid or view all your interactions with all your customers via implementing a management system that integrates your customer communications.

Automation technology

For the first time, a French business has developed and implemented robots to help facility owners communicate with their customers. Several businesses have followed suit, and this trend is likely to continue. Robotics is a far more all-encompassing advancement in technology than anything that has come before it. It helps operators link their customers with live advisers who address their questions with high professionalism and efficiency. They may also use it to sign leases and recover locks digitally.

Cyber security

It is no secret that self-storage facilities need customer data to run efficiently, and this demand has only grown in tandem with the popularity of digital memberships and payments. As a business owner, you must know your clients and how you can get in touch with them and collect payments – hence, getting all their basic information, including payment details. However, all your customers’ personal information is vulnerable, and it is more important than ever to keep it safe from unauthorized access.

You can use various methods to keep your facility’s data safe, but the best one is focusing oncyber security. Firewalls to prevent unauthorized access, encryption of critical data, anti-virus software, and limiting physical and virtual access to those who need it are all standard components of a cyber-security plan. Your software partners must likewise take precautions to protect your data from any prying eyes.

Final thoughts

Its high time for businesses in the self-storage sector to invest in technology to stand out in today’s cutthroat market competition and enhance customer experience. Your services and marketing strategy can collectively influence customers to choose your self-storage business from all the options available.

Furthermore, introducing convenient procedures is a fool-proof way to get customer satisfaction. Having a personal connection with your clients is a great way to demonstrate your company’s expertise and help you better understand their concerns. So, if you haven’t integrated technology in your storage facility, utilize the advice provided above as a road map to chart a course for success.

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