Is Anxiety Common Among Entrepreneurs

Is Anxiety Common Among Entrepreneurs? How To Deal

One of the most common forms of mental health conditions is anxiety.

Anxiety has gripped different sections of society, and entrepreneurs are suffering a great deal. 

Crippling fear of failure is the main reason that triggers this development. The volatile markets are also the reason for increased trends of anxiety in this section of society.

If you are a budding entrepreneur suffering from the same condition, you need to jostle amidst the advertisements and find a way to beat anxiety. 

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There are some recommendations and suggestions tailor-made mainly for the entrepreneurs on the way to beat anxiety.

In this article, we will discuss certain ways entrepreneurs like you can deal with anxiety. 

Is Anxiety Common Among Entrepreneurs

Facts And Data On Anxiety In Entrepreneurs

Prior to discussing facts and data on anxiety and depression among entrepreneurs, let’s try to know more about the gravity of the matter with the help of facts and data.

  • It is found from a study that 75% of the entrepreneurs suffer from anxiety-related complexity.
  • This is much more compared to the non-entrepreneurs (48%). 
  • Around 30% of the entrepreneurs are suffering from depression compared to 15% of the general public.
  • Even 12% of the entrepreneurs are grappled by addiction compared to 4% as traced to the general public.
  • 34% of entrepreneurs are reported to be worried a lot compared to 30% of the general public.

Even a child can deduce from these findings that anxiety has crossed the watermark so far as entrepreneurs are concerned. 

The facts are sad, and one can say that there is no one reason behind this increase, but a bundle of reasons, let’s face it.

Fight Anxiety? But How?

A million-dollar question:

How to tackle anxiety?

Firstly, we recommend you consult an experienced medical practitioner. Follow the guidelines provided by him/her.

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do. Other than this, you can also consider some of the other ways. These are general recommendations that you can consider.

1. Exercise 

It might sound ridiculous that entrepreneurs do not run but run away from exercise. But it’s true. They simply give you an excuse:

1. They don’t have time for exercise.

2. They are introspecting on important things.

3. Sometimes, they walk to their office.

Exercise is a great way to manage anxiety and stress. 

2. Reducing Alcohol Intake And Smoking 

It’s written on the packets that “smoking kills”

Entrepreneurs will tell you smoking kills…tension. 

That’s the silliest and softest shield against cancer, let us tell you. What is better when smoking ties the knot with alcohol? Deadliest combination to end your life slowly. 

Most entrepreneurs have the habit of smoking. Many of them raise their hands and surrender before alcoholism.

Some way or the other, you will have to get over alcoholism and smoking. Take the help of doctors and psychologists. Slowly reduce the habit to zero.

3. Reduce Caffeine

Caffeine is a great stimulant. However, if you are taking it excessively, it’s doing no good; let us tell you this.

It is found from a study that more than three cups of coffee might not do you good. Excessive intake of caffeine leads to restlessness, nausea, dizziness, and twitching. If you drink coffee, consider switching to tea.

Tea can be a good alternative to coffee. If possible, take green tea, a much better alternative to coffee.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Practicing meditation is a great way to intensify your composure. Meditation is a proven antidote to fight against anxiety and tension.

Talk with exponents and proponents of Yoga. They are experts in dealing with mindfulness. Peace of mind is what you most require for this time.

5. Prepare Yourself For The Good Times 

Simply do your homework and chalk out your plans. You will definitely have good times. Make sure that you are doing it well this time. Have your best preparation. You will get confident inwardly.


Entrepreneurs are advised to prepare themselves mentally in order to fight anxiety. 

Firstly, they need to focus mainly on the advice of practitioners. Other than these, they need to follow the recommendation in order to fight anxiety and depression most effectively.

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