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How to Quickly Promote Your Insta Page in 2022

Even though we hear many controversial things about how the promotion on IG happens nowadays, there are still many tools that you can use to fasten this process and make sure that you’re gaining enough viewers for your posts weekly and monthly. There are free and there are paid methods, and all of them are good in their special way. So if you’re having trouble promoting your IG resource, this article is for you – it is mainly written for the brand owners, however, content creators of all kinds will be able to find something helpful in it as well.

Let’s start our talk with the free tools that are working on IG in 2022:

  • Exchanging audiences with the bloggers who have a similar number of viewers. This is what free mutual PR is all about: for example, both of you can have 400 subs each, but together this is almost 1k! This is super convenient and takes zero money to invest. You can find people who have the same number of subs as you do and offer them to tell about each other to your audiences. This will take several stories or one post, but people who are potentially interested in the product or the service that you put forward will definitely want to check it out if their beloved blogger will tell them about it. So don’t miss that opportunity and reach out to people!
  • Creating your own mask or filter for photos and videos in stories. This one is still banging, and if you have some time and skill to figure out a free tutorial on how to do a mask, you can also increase the number of your viewers using this method. There are many articles that were written to help people figure out masks and the process of their creation, but if you don’t have time for that, you can turn this free method into a paid one pretty quickly and order a mask from a professional graphic designer. They will create it for you asap and you will be able to make people pay attention to your content using it in stories and spreading it around.
  • Filming reels and other formats of videos available on Instagram. Reels are especially helpful, as this particular feed works just like the feed of videos on TikTok, and people see different clips randomly. The more the video is being shown today, the more it is going to be shown tomorrow etc. Therefore, you can upload several reels to your profile (make sure those are highly entertaining and catchy though) and wait for an increase in your followers’ number.
quickly promote your Instagram page

The next thing that you should keep in mind is that free methods should also be accompanied with the paid ones. For example, you can buy real Instagram followers for your profile and cover the need in the increase of subs for some time. If you want to take on regular support, you can find a website that sells subscriptions – it means that a certain number of followers is going to be delivered to your page in a certain period of time regularly. Once a week or once a month usually, however you find it more convenient. To make this purchase safe and efficient, you should keep in mind several important things to get yourself away from scammers.

The most important thing is that you need to take on exclusively real and authentic followers that are actual people who regularly visit Instagram. If you’d buy bots or fakes, it will negatively affect your page and your statistics, as Instagram needs to see that a page is visited by a big number of real subs to take its content into circulation in recommendations. So, while turning to help from third party services, you should make sure that you buy Instagram followers cheap and real at the same time, not falling for services that are being “sold” almost “for free”. Everything should have an adequate price to it, so tick that box while making a choice and picking the package of subs for your page.

Summing up: the most important thing that you should keep in your head is that paid services should be used as an accompaniment to your own efforts and regular posting of the content. No matter how many real subs you take on, those will be able to do nothing with content that is not interesting and not interactive. Be in touch with your audience, count on them and on their opinion about the posts that you put forward, try to develop with the general progress in the social media sphere and follow the trends. All of this plus paid promotional services will take you exactly where you want to be in the shortest time possible.

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