Dares of Eternity

Destiny 2: Dares of Eternity – How to Complete?

The Destiny 2: Dares of Eternity is a first-person shooting game introduced by DLC. This game needs a team of 6 players to play. You can use Bungie’s LFG service to form the team since there is no matchmaking in this version.

This game focuses on fun looting activities more than the storyline. In this version, they introduced the Xur, an NPC from which the players can get bounties.

While playing this game, you can gain enormous gifts and weapons by finding the keys and coins. If you want to know how to win this awesome game, read the article thoroughly.

Collect More Bounties

Bounties are rewards that will help increase your score or make you level up, so try collecting more bounties before the run. You should first get these rewards from Starhorse rather than Xur.

Also, know that when you are accessing Starhorse, you can only have one bounty at once. You also need to fulfill its requirements at once.

The First Wave

The first phase of the game starts at the valley, where you will have to kill many Taken. Then a wheel appears from which you can choose your enemy type. After selecting the enemy, the player will be aiming down the sight to fight back as it improves the accuracy.

This round finishes when the bell rings and “Starhorse’s ear perk up” appears on the top of the screen. Immediately you can go to the next part, “the jumping puzzle.”

Also, the Summoner carry services in obtaining the desired weapon or completing the level. A pro player will immediately be appointed for you based on the guaranteed weapon.

Starhorse’s Favor

After finishing the first phase, the player receives the Starhouse’s Favor by reaching the jumping puzzle. Here is the trick to follow in this position to succeed. Jump when the half orbs turn into a full-on on the right side of the rotating plate. By doing this, the player will get through this puzzle quickly.

The Vault: Second Phase

The fight can be similar to the first encounter after spinning the wheel. The fight will be based on the type of enemy you choose.

For each boss type, an enemy appears, you will have to defeat them. Here is how you do it.

Taken: A Taken knight arrives with a shield. First, finish all the Blightmongers present around the field and then launch the Paraversal Energy orbs to break down the shield.

Hive: Ogres spawn, shoot them to move forward.

Vex: A Hydra will appear, which can be shot with Cranium obtained after killing Headbearer Goblins.

Cabal: These spawn a goliath tank that can be damaged effortlessly.

Make the Right Choice

After the victory, Paraversal challengers players will have to choose a plate among 3 plates in front 3 doors. The player will have to guess what’s behind the door among the Vex, Hive, and Cabal.

You will gain infinite Heavy Ammo for the final fight if you guess it right.

Final Face: The Boss Fight

Here is what you will have to do to win over each boss-type:

  • Hive: Get a Hive sword by killing the Swordbearer Knights and then fight Crota with the sword. This will cause his destruction and result in total damage to the boss.
  • Vex: The boss protects himself with Zydron, first killing the key bearers when ads spawn in, then breaking the Zydron shield and attack.
  • Cabal: Create basic damage before the boss shields himself, then kill the glowing Siegebringers to make the Thresher ship arrive. Destroy it to spawn Dare core, then throw the cores at the generator near the boss to break his shield and attack.

Lightning Round

This is a random round to gain more loot when hit by the lightning round. In total, there are three rounds that carry their own chest.

This is interesting because all you have to do is survive all three rounds in a limited time. This can be thrilling because Taken enemies will spawn the map, and a specially chosen enemy will also appear on the field. You will have to kill them and finish the task to grab the big chests.

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