Benefits of a Microsoft E-Commerce Platform

Benefits of a Microsoft E-Commerce Platform

Setting up an online business is relatively cheaper than opening a physical store. There are plenty of e-commerce solutions available with both free and paid versions. However, the type of e-commerce solution you pick could affect the trajectory of your business.

One of the best e-commerce solutions available is the Microsoft e-commerce platform. The platform has plenty of features designed to make running your online shop simple and easy. Below, we will look at some of the top benefits of using the Microsoft e-commerce solution.


Headless CMS solutions are now taking over from conventional CMS platforms. Traditional CMS solutions come with both the front and backend parts of the site as one package, and this is often a problem whenever you want to make changes to the site.

Headless e-commerce platforms such as the Microsoft e-commerce platform are decoupled. This means that the frontend is separate from the backend. The backend contains the database and APIs that handle customer requests. On the other hand, the frontend is the user interface and contains dynamic data.

Benefits of a Microsoft E-Commerce Platform

Cheap to Manage

Hosting fees cost a lot of money when running an online business. Updates and extra features may also cost a lot, especially for premium e-commerce solutions. When it comes to setting up an online shop, the Microsoft e-commerce platform offers the cheapest total cost of ownership.

Unlike conventional e-commerce platforms, the Microsoft e-commerce solution offers cloud-native support. It is also built using the latest microservice architecture, meaning that all updates are installed automatically, and you could check here for more information about this.

Serverless Support

For other types of e-commerce solutions, you will need to find a hosting platform for your site. There are plenty of third-party hosting sites that offer hosting services at a fee. However, you will still need to update your site manually, which can be cumbersome.

The Microsoft e-commerce platform has serverless support. This means that you don’t need to set up an in-house server or manage any servers. Your platform is hosted on a cloud service, which is Azure. Other examples of cloud services are IBM Cloud and AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Open-Source Architecture

Customer experience is paramount when running an online shop. One thing that influences customer experience is how quickly you can integrate new features into your site. Open-source platforms have a team of developers working on the code-base, and as such, new features and product patches are deployed faster.

Open-source platforms are fully customizable, meaning that you are free to modify the platform to meet your needs. You can also integrate new APIs to the site to improve customer experience and service delivery.

Bottom Line

When going for an e-commerce solution, we suggest using the Microsoft e-commerce platform over other solutions. The benefits are numerous, and it is easy to set up and doesn’t require too much technical know-how.

Consider other aspects such as scalability and integrations. Most premium e-commerce solutions are not scalable. They do not allow users to add new plugins or customize the platform.

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