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  • Breif Introduction:

         First of all, I would like to introduce Adobe PageMaker:

Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 is a most unique and useful software application that enables different groups to generate and create or edit publications.

  • Definition And Released Date :

Adobe Pagemaker free download is defined as a fully-featured publishing desktop program for Mac from adobe and was released in 1985 by the corporation of Aldus. After releasing Adobe Pagemaker in 1985 it provide a great platform and became a useful application.

Adobe Pagemaker crack

  Main Components Of Adobe Pagemaker

There are six main components of Adobe Pagemaker:

  • Scrollbars
  • Toolbox
  • Margins
  • Page Icons
  • Rulers
Adobe Pagemaker

Tools Of Pagemaker

There are many tools of PageMaker but here we discuss only some of them:

  • Function                                                                   Description

   Pointer                              It is used to select lines, graphics, shapes as well as text boxes

   Rotate                        It is used to rotate graphics as well as text boxes to many angles

   Crop                           It is used to crop graphics

   Text                            It is used to select text and sets insertion for adding more text

   Line                             It is used to generate new straight lines at any angle

   Ellipse                            It is used to generate and create circular shapes

Rectangle text Box         It is used to generate as well as create rectangular shape text boxes

Polygon                            It is used to generate different polygon

Zoom                                It is used to reduce the area of your text pages

Rectangle                         It is used to generate square and rectangle shapes

Adobe Brand Details

  • Name                                                    Adobe Pagemaker               
  • Releasing Year                                         (1982)
  • Director                                                    Adobe Pagemaker founded by Charles Gecko        
  • Company Size                                         One Thousand plus Employees

Adobe Pagemaker Features

Here, we discuss about some important features of Adobe Pagemaker:

  • Data merge
  • Export pdf files
  • Update EPS filter
  • Converter for Microsoft publisher
  • Pdf support
  • Easily placing on native adobe files

    Steps of Using Adobe Pagemaker

As, we know very well this application enables us to create professional publications just for print and then convert them into pdf form.

  • Step 1:

   Install the pagemaker software application and set up your documents file.

  • Step 2:

 In second step conferm your page orientation and select the page that you want to face.

  • Step 3 :

 In 3rd Step you would have to select number of pages that you want to select for publications.

  • Step 4 :

In this step click on the button ‘OK’ to start.

  • Step 5:

Select file in menu bar and then you select place that you want to add text.

  • Step 6 :

In this step you can be select the corner of your text boxes and also able to reduce its size.

  • Step 7:

In this step if you want to create guide line first click and drag downward.

  • Step 8:

In this step if you want to enter text directly into PageMaker then click the “T” in the toolbox.

  • Step 9:

In this step if you want to adjust the font size then click and drag the select text and use the “Control Palette”.

  • Step 10:

In this case if you want to divide the page into columns then click “Layout” and select “column guides”.

  • Step 11:

In this step if you want to switch views between the pages then click on the thumbnail icon.

  • Step 12:

In this step if you want to appear on all left facing pages then click the “L” thumbnail icon .

  • Step 13:

In this last step if you want to save your whole work then click the “File” menu and then select the “save” command.


  • So, after introduce and explanation of pagemaker, I want to tell you some important things about this applications. As, we know very well about this application and this is the best application for create document with a complex layout of different graphics and text.

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