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10 Best Web-Based Video Editors for 2022

Technology has touched the daily life of the common man in many ways. In this social media era, several business organizations invested heavily in demand-on-videos for maximum audience outreach. Social media marketing is highly effective and audiences rely on the short videos they have seen on various social media platforms.

Plus, now the number of travel bloggers has increased in recent years. All these factors fueled the demand for video editors. Presently, several web-based video editors can be found and they provide seamless service for people who want to edit their videos. Though there are some setbacks to using them, still these online video editors are top in popularity.

Here is a list of the top 10 best web-based video editors for 2022.

1.       ClipChamp

People who want to get various video editing tools from one application should use ClipChamp. Apart from the video editing tool, it provides a video converter, compressor, and webcam recorder for the users. The most incredible thing is that beginners find it easy to use because of its simple yet effective dedicated video editing tools. 

Depending on the internet speed, it takes less time for editing a video and the extracted video can be directly saved on the PC and can be shared through Google Drive like various cloud platforms. Due to its simple drag-and-drop formula, it secured top position in the online video editors list.

2.       InVideo

InVideo is a smart online video editor tool that is known for its seamless and smart online application. Video editors who want more flexibility during the video editing process can opt for InVideo. It has ready-made templates that allow the budding editors to edit accordingly and it also helps to lessen the chance of damaging the original clips if there is any mistake occurred during the editing. Plus, if you want to design the video template from scratch, this is possible with this online video editor. It allows the user to use this for both personal and commercial purposes.

3.       FlexClip

If you want to have a powerful yet uncomplicated online video editor then FlexClip will be the right way to go. It is capable of publishing your final video within minutes and allows accessing more than two million videos and stock images stored at its library. FlexClip helps to import your raw images and unfinished video clips that need editing. It is quite easy to overlay the text on your sequences just by attracting attention with beautiful fonts. The best part is that these fonts can be rightly overlaid with impressive effects. casino

4.       WeVideo

WeVideo is another popular online video editor that is best to use for furnishing and giving a beautiful final touch to the raw clips. It allows the users to upload their photos, videos, and music files from the system directly. The amazing thing is that it also can extract videos from different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to the editing panel directly. To perform this action, editors only have to paste that certain URL on its specific bar. If you want to edit the video quickly, you can do that with the help of the built-in stock videos, images, and audio files. You can first view them and if satisfied then use them to edit your video.

5.       Wideo

If you prefer to create explainer or animated videos then go for Wideo online video editor. It needs to be signed in as the initial step to access its editing panel. Once the signed-in has been done, then you can drag and drop the animated elements that you want to use for making an animated video. The best part of this video editing site is that it allows the users to use different key elements multiple times and the users are not limited to using any stock elements and components. It also supports various image formats like .png, .jpeg and .gif.

6.       PowToon

PowToon is the best explainer video maker that allows the users to use their video using the templates available in the library of the website. Apart from the short explainer video, there are various video templates also available according to the situation. These include marketing videos, video ads, presentations, and infographic videos.

7.       Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is known as one of the best web-based video editing tools that have been used by millions of users around the world. It provides detailed information regarding the codec, bit rate, frame rate along with resolution. It has an inbuilt option to convert the videos to your soothing formats including MP4, MOV, MKV, and AVI. Users can upload their videos directly from the system or the URL. It has a huge capacity to handle video files up to 1500MB.

8.       Kizoa

If you want to edit professional videos, then opt for Kizoa as your online video editing assistant. It provides a professional-style video editing facility which is not possible in many web-based video editors. Since it supports 4K UHD video footage, It will be easy to edit and extract these ultra-high-resolution videos.

9.       Hippo Video

Hippo Video is mainly used as an inbuilt marketing platform and it also allows the users to edit the video that they want. It allows the use of media files from a computer or Google Drive and in this way, it will be easy to edit and extract them according to your requirement.

10.   Magisto

Magisto is a popular video maker that makes the raw clips more beautiful. Users can sign in using their Facebook or Google account and then they explore the plethora of template videos and images stored at its online library. Plus, when you want to add music to your video file, there is no need to import these files from any other source. It has an inbuilt library as well.

Final Thoughts

These are the best online video editors that users can access freely to edit their desired videos. These are easy to use and require fewer resources compared to others.

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